Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY Nails: Glitter Jelly Sandwich

This week I decided to take on a tutorial from another blogger and recreate the Glitter Jelly Sandwich. For those who don't know, this technique involves "sandwiching" glitter nail polish in between layers of transparent jelly polish. There are various glitter and colour combinations, which is what makes this technique so much fun.

Jelly polish is named for its semi-transparency and almost gel-like appearance.

Glitter polish would be any type of polish with flecks of glitter or confetti. For this manicure, you ideally should use a polish with larger pieces of glitter in order for the effect to show properly.

I used this tutorial from PackAPunchPolish to help me with today's manicure:

My version of the technique uses Revlon's "Royal", (which is an affordable and high-quality jelly polish) and China Glaze's "Pizzazz" (also affordable and very pretty.)

Here is my take:

The video tutorial recommends using one coat of glitter and two coats of jelly, but I enjoy the look of several layers. In my version, I have three coats of glitter and four coats of jelly polish. It definitely requires a good hour of drying time, but the final effect is absolutely mesmerizing. I'm going to be sad to take this manicure off for work next week!

- Katie

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